How to prevent having a hotel horror story

hotel horror story

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We’ve all heard a horror story or two from friends who have had terrible experiences in hotels. Traveling is already difficult and stressful. Living a hotel horror story won’t help.

There are things you can do though to minimize the risk of living a hotel horror story. And, no, it does not require staying in a five star hotel.
I’m an experienced traveler because of the type of work I do. We travel to some large cities where hotel choices are abundant but we also travel to very small towns in which there might be one hotel. 
What do I do to ensure I have a good, if not even a great, hotel stay? I’ll tell you.

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Is an open door policy a figment of your imagination?

open door policy

“I have an open door policy so don’t hesitate to come talk with me.”

“We want your ideas so we have an open door policy.”
“If you need anything, I have an open door policy. Come talk to me.”
Words…just words.
When your CEO or other members of management tell you, the office or the entire company an open door policy is in place, what do you think? 
Be honest. You think, “Yeah, they say they have an open door policy but they don’t really want to hear from me.”

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40 ways to stop tiptoeing through life

Tiptoeing through life

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Is doodling in a business meeting okay?

doodle in business meeting

Is doodling during a business meeting a good idea? Doodlers appear to not be paying attention. They sit there, head down and just doodle away like a meeting is not even taking place. Ask former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about what doodling … [Continue reading]

Everything you need to know about conference call etiquette

Conference call etiquette

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40 examples of one of the hardest languages to learn

English is one of the hardest languages to learn

American English is one of the hardest languages to learn. So many words have multiple meanings that it is difficult to know which words to use in which situations. In contrast, many words sound the same but are spelled differently. If English is … [Continue reading]

Feed your faith and your doubts will starve

Feed your faith and your doubts will starve

Leaders should be visionaries. Leaders should focus on the big picture. Leaders should be the face of the organization. We could continue to list many things leaders should be and do. Leaders have many important responsibilities, of which the most … [Continue reading]

The one thing that makes a great public speaker

Great public speaker

You can tell within the first couple minutes of a presentation whether you will be able to stomach the remainder of the presentation. It is so frustrating to be stuck in the audience with nothing else to do when the speaker is just plain … [Continue reading]

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