45 small changes that will make a huge difference today

Small changes make big differences

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I woke up to a huge surprise this morning. The surprise was so shocking I literally had to do a double take. “What was so surprising,” you might ask.

Since you’re probably not a blogger like me, I’ll explain. The “bounce rate” is one of the important factors Google uses in it’s algorithm┬áto determine which sites are listed high in search results. The bounce rate for this site has been over 80% since I first started.

In the simplest terms, that means that 80% of the visitors to the site left the site without going to another page. They didn’t click on any links or do anything except read the page they landed on.

Well, my bounce rate went from a lifetime bounce rate of 80% to 4.55%. How is that possible? That is such a big difference. Can it be right?

Even though I took a double take, I knew right away what caused the change. I made a few small changes to the site the night before and one of those small changes was the cause.

What small change did I make?

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How to hold a brainstorming session to get valuable ideas

How to hold a brainstorming session

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“Hey Bert, let’s sit down and brainstorm about what we can do to improve our client service.”

“Sure, I’d love to brainstorm. I’m willing to do whatever we can to make sure we provide the most value possible to our clients.”

You’ve likely been asked to sit in a brainstorming session at some point in your career. After you’ve accepted to help in the brainstorming session, you’ve thought of several ideas to bring up in the session.

During the session, though, what happens to your ideas? Ideas can be received in the following four ways:

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Job or a career: Why you should treat work as a career

job or a career

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7 ways great leaders demonstrate leadership skills

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Why you should stop being a workaholic

Stop being a workaholic

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4 simple steps to get things done each day

simple steps to get things done

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How to motivate employees in six easy steps

How to motivate employees

The employee attrition rate in public accounting is between 20% and 30%. That means each year, public accounting firms lose almost one-third of their employees. Firms are elated when low performers leave on their own. However, firms are disgusted … [Continue reading]

How to use the power of intention to get what you want

Power of intention - The road to Hana

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