Employee Theft Is On The Rise: Are You Guilty Too?

Employee theft

If your house is anything like mine, you have to pick up “stuff” frequently. With five people in the house, including two small children, hectic schedules and not enough space, there is always stuff laying around that is not in its proper place.

In our house, the best representative of this is our kitchen. We enter the house through the garage and everything we carry in gets put on the counter, a chair or the kitchen table. It accumulates quickly into piles of school papers, grocery bags and other “stuff.” The desk we have in our kitchen is usually also over-flowing with mail and other papers.
When it gets to a certain state, we have to pick it all up and try to put it in some kind of order. Several items go into desk drawers, the filing cabinet or in the girls’ rooms. When I do this, I’m amazed by the number of red and white Arnold Church of Christ pens we have. 
How did we accumulate so many pens from our church? Did the kids put them in their bags? Did my wife put them in her purse or did I put them in my portfolio?
I don’t know how all these pens get to our house but I know one thing. We’re guilty of stealing them from church!
Ouch…stealing from church. Even worse, we’re stealing from God.

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A True Story of How to Learn from Your Mistakes

learn from your mistakes

We all make mistakes. Some people make mistakes more frequently than others. Some mistakes are bigger than others.

Making mistakes is part of life. It’s how we learn from mistakes that is really important. As long as we learn, we shouldn’t consider a mistake a failure.
We fail when we don’t learn from a mistake. As the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” 

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An Acronym List to Enhance Your Career

Acronym List - DREAM

Everyone likes a good acronym. A good acronym list is better than just one. Every new government agency has to have a really long name with an acronym or initials that flow off the tongue. Every new law that's passed is part of a longer Act that has … [Continue reading]

A social experiment on criticism and change

Praise or criticism

The weather forecast before I went to bed Saturday evening was for light snow where I live and heavier snow in the northern region of the metropolitan area. It's a Saturday night so not a big deal about getting snow, right?  The church building is … [Continue reading]

Leadership is Influence…but to Do What?

Leadership is influence

What do John Maxwell, Michael Hyatt, Colin Powell have in common? You got it. They are considered experts in the realm of leadership. Leadership is a popular topic online and in written media.   John Maxwell has made a terrific living writing book … [Continue reading]

The Professional’s Guide to Tipping Etiquette

tipping etiquette

How often in your business dealings have you thought about the proper tipping etiquette for a particular situation? "How much should I tip a server when the food was bad?"   "How much should I tip the taxi driver?"   "Should I tip the hotel … [Continue reading]

Give and take: Giving is good and so is taking!

Give and take

Life is a game of give and take. It is better to give than to receive. Be a go-giver. Pay it forward. All we ever hear is about how much we need to give. We need to give love, appreciation, thanks. We need to give of ourselves, our money and our … [Continue reading]

Five tips to prepare for busy season

5 tips to prepare for busy season

Busy season got its name for a reason. In reality, for most CPAs in public accounting, it should be called "it's-so-busy-that-we-don't-get-to-see-our-families-or-sleep-or-eat-or-exercise-time-of-year." CPAs in public accounting may go from working … [Continue reading]

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