The Professional’s Guide to Tipping Etiquette

tipping etiquette

How often in your business dealings have you thought about the proper tipping etiquette for a particular situation?

“How much should I tip a server when the food was bad?”
“How much should I tip the taxi driver?”
“Should I tip the hotel staff?”
We’ve all asked these questions and they are very valid questions to ask. Not following proper tipping etiquette, believe it or not, can have a huge negative impact on your future. 

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Give and take: Giving is good and so is taking!

Give and take

Life is a game of give and take.

It is better to give than to receive.

Be a go-giver.

Pay it forward.

All we ever hear is about how much we need to give. We need to give love, appreciation, thanks. We need to give of ourselves, our money and our time. We need to give, give, give.

I disagree…and here’s why:

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Five tips to prepare for busy season

5 tips to prepare for busy season

Busy season got its name for a reason. In reality, for most CPAs in public accounting, it should be called "it's-so-busy-that-we-don't-get-to-see-our-families-or-sleep-or-eat-or-exercise-time-of-year." CPAs in public accounting may go from working … [Continue reading]

Some people dream of success

Some people dream of success

How often do you dream of living in a bigger house, driving a new car and taking the family on extravagant vacations? Maybe you dream of being an executive in your company or even owning your own business. You can dream about success all you want. … [Continue reading]

I decided to change careers and this is what I did next

Change careers

  Life is too short to not enjoy it.   Do you believe that? Do you truly believe it?   If you did, you wouldn’t get so fed up every day about all the things you HAVE to do. Instead, you’d fill your day with things you enjoy.   I’m just as … [Continue reading]

Your ideal life will not happen by chance

Your ideal life

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The GROWTH acronym you’ve been searching for

Growth Acronym

  It’s the end of a year and close to the beginning of the next. During this time of year, people discontinue their focus on the current year and just wait for the next to begin.   Are you one of those people?   Are you telling yourself that … [Continue reading]

A life of intention leads to a better and more enjoyable life

a life of intention

Do you do every day what you want to do? Or, like most people, do you do what you feel like you have to do every day? If you answered yes to the first question, your answers to the following questions should be yes as well. Are they?   1. Do you … [Continue reading]

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