57 ways you can be a positive influence today

Be a positive influence
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Your current situation is a result of many influences from your past. Some were positive influences; others were negative. Regardless, your present has been determined based on your past influences.

We all have circles of influence which shape our lives. We have two responsibilities when it comes to those circles of influence. First – we choose who we allow to influence us. Second – we choose how we react to those influences.

Everyone wants to be influential. We want to be included in others’ circles of influence. Whether we are a positive influence or negative influence is up to us.

Which have you chosen to be?

Hopefully you want to be a positive influence on those you know. You want to be the primary positive influence for your children, parents, spouse, siblings and best friends. Have you been successful?

You’ve actively participated in those circles of influence. You may even force your way in. It’s your responsibility as a parent right?

But what about people you know but with which you do not have a close relationship? Do you want to be a positive influence on them too? Of course you do.

Now the difficult part. 

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Are you a positive influence on people you don’t know? We’ve all said at some point that we shouldn’t worry about what other people think. To an extent, that’s true.

You shouldn’t worry about what others think of you. But, you should be considerate of how what you do can positively influence those people.

Below are 57 ways you can be a positive influence in the world. Some appear to be very minor. Some are obvious. All of these, though, will influence others in a positive way.

1. Say “I love you” more
2. Tell someone how much he/she means to you
3. Send thank you notes
4. Send cards to others for no particular reason
5. Hold the door for others
6. Let someone in front of you in line
7. Say thank you at every opportunity
8. Pay for someone’s meal unexpectedly
9. Clean the house without being asked
10. Cook a special meal for your spouse, children or parents
11. Tip generously
12. Mow your neighbor’s lawn
13. Tell someone how good they look
14. Call an old friend out of the blue
15. Say “yes” more often
16. Read to your children
17. Pray as a family
18. Attend church services frequently
19. Share the power of the gospel
20. Send someone flowers
21. Introduce two people who you think will benefit from each other
22. Leave the front parking spot for someone in need
23. Drive the speed limit
24. Allow another car to merge onto the road in front of you
25. Leave your spouse or children short notes of appreciation
26. Make the bed without being asked
27. Plan family activities
28. Comment on someone’s blog
29. Promote a quality service or product
30. Refer a good doctor, dentist or chiropractor
31. Refer a good accountant, lawyer or financial planner
32. Never say something negative on social media
33. Offer to be a mentor
34. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister
35. Recommend a good book
36. Recommend a good movie
37. Visit someone in the hospital
38. Visit someone in a nursing home
39. Arrange meals for a sick friend
40. Make more coffee when you take the last cup
41. Be a parent instead of a friend to your child
42. Refer work to someone
43. Participate in a charitable organization
44. Teach someone about your hobby
45. Ask to be taught about someone else’s hobby
46. Have an open-door policy
47. Be open-minded
48. Hold hands with your significant other
49. Wipe up a mess you didn’t make
50. Smile often
51. Laugh a lot
52. Give a hug
53. Donate to a charity
54. Give away items you no longer use but are still in good condition
55. Never raise your voice at work
56. Only provide constructive criticism
57. Don’t gossip

Now that you’ve read that list, there is no reason not to have any ideas of how to be a positive influence. You can do any or all of these in one day. Why not start today?

If everyone that reads this will take only five of these ideas and do them for others, think of the impact that would have. Imagine if each person in your company did that tomorrow. How much happier would everyone be the following day?

I feel better when I do something to help someone else. I feel better being a positive influence. Will you join me and be a positive influence today?

What other ways can you be a positive influence? There are definitely more than 57. There are hundreds or thousands of ways you can be a positive influence. Add a comment below so you can influence others.