9 Reasons to Buy a Tailored Suit

9 Reasons to Buy a Tailored Suit Before You Think You Can Afford It

For years I didn’t buy a tailored suit. Instead I purchased suits off the rack at large department stores or men’s suit shops. And thus, for years, I wore lower quality suits that didn’t fit correctly. I knew the suits did not enhance my personal brand to be the trusted professional I desired. That was acceptable because I couldn’t afford a tailored suit…so I thought.
Then, several years ago I convinced myself to buy my first tailored suit. A representative from Tom James in St. Louis had connected with me on LinkedIn so I asked to meet with him. After meeting with him and seeing all the details that go into a well-tailored suit, I was sold.
It took a while for the bespoke suit to be made to my specifications. The wait is the only drawback I can think of to buying a tailored suit. When it was finished and I put it on for the first time, the feeling it gave me was incredible. 
It may sound a little metro sexual of me to openly talk about the feeling I got by trying on my first tailored suit. That’s okay. 
Ask any woman who cares about how she looks and she will tell you how important it is to feel good in what she wears. Men are no different. We just don’t talk about it as openly as women do.
Business professionals want to look good in their suits or business casual attire but they don’t believe in spending “that much” on tailored clothes. Following are nine reasons why you should buy a tailored suit, even though you think you can’t afford it.

Reason # 9 to Buy a Tailored Suit

Quality products last a long time. Plain and simple. 
Remember that green steel refrigerator your parents had when you were a kid. It was in the kitchen for more than 20 years. That’s because it was built with quality materials through a quality process. It lasted for what seemed like forever.  
A tailored suit that is built just for you, will be the same. It will last for much longer than an off-the-rack suit that doesn’t fit. 
Since it will last longer, you won’t need to buy new suits as frequently. Therefore, you’ll end up spending less by buying a tailored suit.

Reason # 8 to Buy a Tailored Suit

You are one of the best at your profession. That’s doesn’t mean you’re one of the best at everything you do. You may be stylish but still could use some advice.
A good tailor or haberdasher can be a tremendous source of advice for you. Not only will he/she make sure your tailored suit fits appropriately, he/she will keep you up on the trends and styles and what color, fabrics and types of suit should be in your wardrobe.
Want some free advice without going to a haberdasher? Check out Real Men Real Style for some legit advice.

Reason # 7 to Buy a Tailored Suit

Buying off-the-rack suits is a huge hassle. You have to drive to the store, try on different suits to see what fits and feels good, get them measured for certain tailoring (nothing even close to bespoke tailoring though), leave and then return to pick it up when the suit is finished. That’s all assuming you don’t need to go to multiple stores to find what you want.
That is a lot of time you don’t need to spend. Buying a suit from a company like Tom James reduces the hassle because the haberdasher comes to you. He/she can come to your house, your office or anywhere of your choosing. 
When the suit is built and ready, he/she will bring it to you to try on. If there are any adjustments that need to be made, he/she will take it with them, get the corrections made and bring it back to you. You don’t ever have to step out of your home or office.
Now that is convenient!

Reason # 6 to Buy a Tailored Suit

How many times have you gone shopping for clothes but couldn’t find exactly what you wanted? With bespoke tailoring, that problem goes away. You get what you want.
Of course, you’ll get the right fitting suit (which is obviously a better option that buying off the rack). But you’ll also get the following options, plus whatever else you can imagine:
a. Types of fabric
b. Style of print
c. Linings
d. Types of buttons
e. Pockets
f.  Name labels
g. Vent types

Reason # 5 to Buy a Tailored Suit

This goes without saying, a fully tailored suit made to fit your height, weight, width, shoulder slope and every special thing about your body type is going to look better than an off-the-rack suit. 

Reason # 4 to Buy a Tailored Suit

If a bespoke suit fits correctly and looks great, it’s going to feel good too. There’s no point in looking good if you don’t feel good about what you’re wearing. 
Speaking from experience, any time I put on one of my tailored suits, I feel like a million bucks. It’s just a feeling that comes over me that I’m meant to be in the suit and my day is going to go even better than planned. Everything will be right with my world that day.
Add a French-cuff dress shirt, stylish cuff links and tie and freshly polished Allen Edmonds shoes to top off the look. There’s not much better.

Reason # 3 to Buy a Tailored Suit

People notice a sharp dressed man. Think about it … you do too. You might not desire to be made a spectacle because of how well you look, but you want certain people to notice you.
It’s almost impossible to overcome a negative first impression. A tailored suit (at least one in a classic style and design) can almost guarantee a good first impression.
Let’s say you finally got an appointment with your number one prospect. When you pick your suit and tie out the night before in anticipation of your meeting the next morning, are you going to pick the suit from when you were 20 pounds heavier or the one you had made the month before?
You’re going to pick the one that gives you the best opportunity to make the sale. Standing out in a good way definitely won’t hurt that effort!

Reason # 2 to Buy a Tailored Suit

If you’re a millennial, your dedication and loyalty to your employer and career are in question on a daily basis. The generations in front of you don’t believe you take anything seriously.
Buying and wearing tailored suits, is a way to show your dedication. You wouldn’t spend more money than needed for a bespoke suit unless you planned on wearing it frequently.
Besides, your bosses and clients admiring your professional demeanor (which includes your look) can do nothing but have a positive impact on your career.

Reason # 1 to Buy a Tailored Suit

And finally…the number one reason why you should buy a tailored suit.
You can afford it!
Just because a tailored suit is more expensive than one off the rack does not mean you can’t afford it. 
Consider a tailored suit a major purchase. Plan and save for it like you would a beach vacation. There’s a big difference between a beach vacation and buying a tailored suit though – you only get to experience that vacation for a few days. The suit will last forever. 
To be frank then, you simply cannot afford to not buy a tailored suit. The benefits to your self-esteem, earnings potential, career and influence are unlimited! 
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