A life full of possibilities

a life full of possibilities
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Is your life full of “could haves” and “should haves”? Are you disappointed with your accomplishments? Have you achieved the dreams you had as a child?

Your life can be so much more than it is right now. You may be content. You may even be happy with your life.


Your life is full of possibilities. What will you do to realize those possibilities?

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Jeff has realized so many of his possibilities (Iraqi War veteran, published author, etc.) and he continues to strive for more. You’ll be inspired by him, I promise.

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Let’s help others realize their potential and strive to reach what is possible in their lives. If we all strive for a life full of possibilities, the world will be such a better and happier place.

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The importance of being a living sacrifice


This is a guest post by Doc Kennedy from The Dream Warriors Podcast where he is changing the world by encouraging others to follow their dreams.  Check out the podcast on the site or itunes and say hi to Doc on Twitter. Enjoy!

living sacrifice
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“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” ~ John 15:13 ESV

This verse is commonly used in cases of a person literally dying to save another.  And rightfully so.  But in the context, Jesus is actually telling us we should lay down our lives as living sacrifices for those around us.

Imagine how different your workplace would be if people were more willing to live a life of sacrifice for others.  I know it may seem impossible, but it’s not.  It starts with you!

This life is not about us, it’s about those we have the chance to impact with love.

Choose to be the light in what can be a dark place.  Sacrifice for others.

Colossians 3:23 tells us “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.”  Christ died for you, will you live for Him?  Be the living sacrifice.

Four Benefits of Being Self-Motivated that Will Change Your Career

One criticism of the Generation Y workforce is that they are not self-motivated to work but they desire all the benefits of being self-motivated. The younger an employee, the less likely the employee is to work hard without being incentivized. Forty hours a week is all the employer is going to get unless something extra is given in return.

benefits of being self-motivated

These are generalizations, of course. It’s not true across the board.

It’s not even more evident that it’s more true today than it was for Generation X or even the Baby Boomer generation. There have always been people self-motivated to succeed, others who need to be motivated by someone else and still others who just don’t want to be motivated.

Which type of person are you? I’ve always been self-motivated and it has worked out well for me. In public accounting, those who are not self-motivated burn out quickly.

If you are not self-motivated, can you become so? Sure you can. With everything, it’s simply a choice and a shift in attitude. Therefore, I’m not going to try to make up ways for you to become self-motivated. Instead, I’m going to provide some benefits of being self-motivated so you can motivate yourself to change.

Benefits of Being Self-Motivated

1. Faster promotions – Hard-working employees who also do more than expected will be promoted faster than those who just do their jobs. Until you can show you can do the job of the person above you, there is little chance of being promoted. Do more than you’re asked. Ask for additional responsibilities. If you do these, things will work out better for you.

2. Trust – If you are self-motivated, you will work until things get done. You won’t have to be asked when projects will be complete or if you need help. Your boss will trust that you will do what you say you would do. You will get things done on time. And, with trust comes…

3. More interesting projects – It can get boring doing the same thing every day. You show up to work, go through the same routine. It would be nice to work on something different and actually interesting. Self-motivated people get those opportunities.

With more trust, you will be given more interesting projects. You’ll learn something new. You might work with different people and maybe even get to travel to other locations for the project. It will definitely be better than just punching the clock and waiting to get your paycheck.

4. Personal satisfaction – Boring and routine work isn’t very satisfying. A self-motivated person can’t stand boring or routine. Something better is always the goal. With better projects, co-workers, clients, etc. will come the opportunities to be more satisfied. You will be challenged, get more decision-making authority and have more fun. Wouldn’t you like to go home every day and think, “Wow, I love my job!”

Will You Change?

Do you want to change your routine yet? Do you want to climb the corporate ladder, earn others’ trust, work on more interesting projects and be more satisfied? I sure hope so. If not, you probably won’t last too long in the corporate world.

No one has the right to say being a “worker bee” is right or wrong. But, every company needs those people who will just do the work. However, because you are reading this, you likely want more for your life than just that. You want to like what you’re doing and feel appreciated for doing it. Realize these benefits of being self-motivated and you will find that happening.

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How Open-Minded Are You Willing to Be?


What would happen if you were more open-minded to everything you hear, see and experience? Would it hurt your ego to learn better ways to do things? Would you be surprised to learn others are smarter than you? Would you accept better, more efficient ways of doing things you’ve done for years?

There is a line in one of the Harry Potter movies when Hermione is making fun of Professor Trelawney, when she says in a mocking voice, “Broaden your minds. Use your inner eye to see the future.”  We’re not talking about seeing the future. We are referencing, though, the ability to recognize when we don’t know something as well as we thought we did.

Here are several benefits of open-mindedness. Take each benefit and apply it to your life. At the end of this list, you will see how being open-minded can improve your life.

1. More efficient – Close-minded dads don’t follow the instructions on how to put together a child’s toy. Instead of getting the toy put together in 10 minutes, your daughter is crying because for 30 minutes you have to tell her to wait while you figure it out. Use the directions!

You learned to use a computer by using the mouse to activate commands on the computer screen. The mouse is one of the most inefficient aspects of computing. Keyboard short cuts can decrease your time to do almost anything on the computer.

If you will be open-minded to new ways of doing things, imagine the efficiency you will gain. More efficiency means more productivity. More efficiency means less time spent. If you could leave work 15 minutes earlier each day and beat rush hour home, would that be important to you? Of course it would. Be open-minded and be efficient.

2. More details – Close-minded people rush through projects because they want to see the end product as quickly as possible. Open-minded people enjoy the process and focus on the details so the end product is as good as possible.

If you follow the instructions that come with the model car, you will be more efficient putting it together. Better yet, it will look better when you are finished because you will have paid attention to all of its details. I suffered from this as a child. I put together model cars and planes all the time but I wanted to be done rather than enjoying the process. My models never were as detailed as the pictures on the boxes. Be open-minded and be more detailed.

3. More insight – Close-minded people know what they know and don’t want to know anything else. Open-minded people always want to learn more. They want to learn the whys and hows. Close-minded people just want to do.

Don’t you want to understand why someone does something and how something works? Ask questions. Imagine the conversations you can have if you’re interested in the other person. To be interesting, you first have to be interested. Be open-minded and gain insight.

4. More success – Close-minded people blame others for their plight. Open-minded people don’t blame anyone; they decide on an action and take it. Action-takers reach higher levels of success. Why? No success will come from sitting and whining. Success is the result of an action. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, right?

To be successful, you need to work hard, provide value and solve a problem. You can do that by being an employee or creating a business. Success also does not equate to monetary wealth. You can have success in your family, your spirituality or your relationships. They all require being open-minded. Be open-minded and achieve success.

5. Better relationships – Close-minded people have few meaningful relationships. Open-minded people create deep relationships with many people. Why? Relationships are based on trust, communication and interest. Open-minded people display all three of these characteristics.

A new employee from another area of the company is starting today. The HR manager asks you to take the new employee to lunch because her manager is out of the office. As a manager, the HR manager thinks you are the best alternative. It’s a free lunch so of course you honor the request.

You introduce yourself to the new employee, Emily, and ask her preference for lunch. She says she is new to town but would like to try something local if its feasible. You’re more of a sub sandwich type of person but you oblige and take her to a nice locally owned family establishment.  The moment you step off the elevator, Emily begins asking question after question regarding the office culture and her new co-workers.  It’s almost annoying how many questions she has.

You have two choices for the remainder of lunch.  You either answer her questions and provide as much valuable information to her as possible because, as you remember, you were the new employee at one time and acted the same way. Or, you answer her questions but very directly and don’t ask any questions or provide any other information, either about yourself, the city or your company.

In essence, you can be open-minded or close-minded to Emily. If you choose the former, you have the chance to create a long-lasting relationship with Emily. She will never forget her first encounter with you. If you choose the latter, she will never forget her first encounter with you but it will be in a completely negative context. Be open-minded and enjoy great relationships.

6. Better job – Close-minded people suffer each day because they hate their jobs. Open-minded people enjoy each day because they find the silver lining in every cloud. Do you love your job? Do you think you’re too good for your job? You deserve exactly what job you have. If you deserved a better job, you would go out and get it.

Open-minded people will find enjoyment no matter the situation because they are happy people. They will say they love their jobs to convince themselves they do. Or, they will take action and create an opportunity to get better jobs. They won’t sit and complain. Be open-minded and enjoy a better job.

Wow…do you see the benefits of being an open-minded person? These are just six benefits. There are several more I will include in later posts. Of these six benefits, which is the most beneficial? In my opinion, it’s having better relationships. If your relationships are sound, you will be a happy person. Relationships make the world go round.

Think about what other benefits there are to being open-minded.  You will be surprised at how many you can think of. Please let me know by entering a comment below or contacting me @BertPurdy or via email at intentionalemployee@gmail.com.

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