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8 Simple Ways to Get Noticed More Often on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an extremely powerful tool for researching people. You can search for people by title, expertise, company and name. LinkedIn will even show you people with whom you might like to connect. 
That’s great for you researching other people. 
Can other people find you during a search? Does LinkedIn identify you as someone that person might want to connect with? Do you or your activity show up in that person’s feed?
You can make getting noticed on LinkedIn much easier by taking certain deliberate actions. For the remainder of this article, you will discover eight simple ways to get noticed more often on LinkedIn.

How to Get Noticed on LinkedIn


1. Share and Comment

As with most social media platforms, the like (thumbs up, heart, etc.) function is overused. Sure, it’s nice to express that you like someone’s post. To get noticed, however, don’t just like a post, share and comment on it as well.
If you share a post, add a comment to it to express why you are sharing it. The person who originally shared/wrote the post will get notified of your share. They may get notified if you like a post as well but popular influencers turn off that function because it would be too overwhelming.
If you don’t want to share the post with your followers, but want to express something to the person who posted it, comment on it. Make it a worthwhile comment too. Simply writing, “Great Post,” “Terrific” or “Totally agree” is just about the same as “liking” the post. If you are going to comment, add to the content. Make your comment valuable to the other readers.

2. Curate Content

What does it mean to curate content? It means you share content from others that is posted somewhere besides LinkedIn. 
When you read an article on, let’s say,, that is relevant to your followers and consistent with your personal brand, curate it. Share that article to LinkedIn and any other social media platforms that make sense.
The majority of content I share on my LinkedIn feed is curated from sites like, and Almost all sites have social sharing buttons on them to make it easy for you to share.
When you share those articles, be sure to tag the author, if possible, in the comment you add to the share. 
In a later article, I’ll share some easy ways to curate content.

3. Write Pulse Articles

Pulse was originally released for selected LinkedIn influencers. Now, however, everyone has the opportunity to public articles on LinkedIn’s blogging platform.
Once you publish the article, and tag it appropriately, you can monitor how well it performs by using the statistics within the platform. Just like blogs, people can comment and share it as well. 
You will, of course, want to share it multiple times to your followers.
If you want to publish on Pulse, you can get to it from your homepage on LinkedIn. Click the “Write an Article” button at the top of the homepage, as seen below.


4. Update Your Profile Often

Your profile can get outdated quickly and you won’t even realize it. Update it often so it is always up-to-date. 
Updating your profile often is a good strategy for getting noticed on LinkedIn. The platform has a setting that when you update your profile, your followers and connections will get notified. There are two methods for activating this setting. 
The first is in the Settings function. See the screen shot below
The second method is easier and can be seen when you are in the “Edit Profile” mode. When you are editing your profile, simply toggle the switch at the right to the “Yes” position if you want your followers to see your update.
I’ve made the mistake about leaving this setting on when making certain profile settings. You can read all about that LinkedIn snafu by clicking the following link:

5. Look at Others’ Profiles

One of my favorite aspects of LinkedIn is to see who looked at my profile. If it is someone I haven’t talked to in awhile or someone with whom I’d like to connect, I’ll send that person an email or a LinkedIn message.
If you want to get noticed by a specific person and don’t have the ability to connect with him/her, look at his/her profile. Don’t just do it once. Do it a couple of times a week for a few weeks. After that, send that person an email, an inMail or call him/her on the phone. 
The simple act of looking at that person’s profile will make your name recognizable. 

6. Continually Add Connections

Naturally, the more connections you make on LinkedIn, the more people will notice you – those people with whom you connect. Your followers and other connections will see when you connect with someone new, depending on their preferences for what they see in their feed.
Connect with more people, more people will want to connect with you and then you’ll be able to connect with even more people. 

7.  Participate in Groups

LinkedIn used to permit a user to join only 50 groups. Fifty may seem like too many to you but it really isn’t. Of the groups you join, you’ll discover several will not be worth being a member. The activity won’t be that great.
That doesn’t mean, however, there aren’t some very good groups to join within LinkedIn. 
Groups are not as valuable, or as easy get the value from, as in the past. You can still find some, though, that will help you get noticed. To get noticed in a group, you need to be active.
Most groups have turned into linkfests. Don’t participate in those. Be social. Comment on other members’ posts, ask questions, be human.

8.Use Keywords in your Profile

LinkedIn is a gigantic search engine. No, it’s not as big as Google or YouTube but it’s still big. Better than those other two sites, LinkedIn is specifically for business professionals. 
What keywords should you use in your profile? That’s simple. Use the ones that people would use to find you. 
Use the name in your profile that you believe people would use to search for you. Use it multiple times in your profile. If you google your name, your profile, if written well, should be one of the first search results.
Also use terms related to your profession, (CPA), your position (manager) and services provided (audits). 


Do You Have to Do All of These?

Of course you don’t have to do all of these every day to get noticed more often on LinkedIn. Each will help but some will only help a little. 
You don’t have hours to spend each day, even each week? Do you have an hour each week? Sure you do. Break that hour into 10 minutes each day and you get six days of activity.
Pick a few of these to do. If I did just three of these 8, I’d curate content, share and comment on articles and set my profile up with keywords. With keywords, you can do it once and leave it for a while. Then you would only have to take two actions each day. 
LinkedIn is a valuable resource but you have to know how to use it. Having a profile is not enough anymore. Use LinkedIn to help create your personal brand. Use it to help you show how much you can help your clients.
Question for you: What other ways have you found useful to get noticed on LinkedIn? If you have questions about LinkedIn, please reach out to me via the contact page.
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