job or a career

Job or a career: Why you should treat work as a career

job or a career
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After four or five years of college, studying for a ridiculously hard certification exam and going through countless interviews, you’ve finally landed that dream job. You’ve worked so hard to get what you wanted.

Everything from here on out will be easy.

Or will it?

Very few things in life are easy. Your job is no exception.  Your job will not be easy if you want to get raises, climb the corporate ladder and receive the corporate perks you read about in the magazines.

You won’t receive any of those things if you treat your job lightly. In fact, do you have a job or a career?

The way you look at your employment matters. Jobs can be changed on a whim. You can get any old job. You can’t, however, find a good career easily.

Treat your employment like a career instead of a job and you’ll have a much better experience. You’ll receive better raises, be given more responsibilities and, most importantly, enjoy your work more.

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Management’s view

Your management team expects you to treat your employment like a career instead of just a job. They expect you to put forth maximum effort at all times and do what you’re supposed to do without being micro-managed.

From my time in management, I’ve heard it said several times that employees treat their work as jobs instead of careers. Those employees are the lowest performers and typically don’t last long with the company.

When I work with employees who treat work as a job instead of a career, I try to discover the reason for their lack of interest. That’s really the key…interest in what they are doing.

If they don’t have a true interest in having a career, there’s nothing I can do to help. However, if someone wants a career instead of just a job, I’ll do what I can to help because I want to work with people who care.

Your view

What has your view been? Have you viewed your work as a job or a career? Do you even see the difference?

Here’s how you can tell if you view your work as a job instead of a career:

1. You only do what’s in your job description
2. You whine if you don’t get “breaks” during the day
3. You arrive every day at starting time and leave at quitting time
4. You complain often
5. You don’t care about the company’s growth or profitability
6. You push the limits to see how little you can do
7. You try to get other employees to do your work as much as possible

Look at that list above. How many of these represent how you view work. If you view work as just a job, you probably don’t enjoy it. Don’t you want to enjoy your day?

Make it a career instead of a job

It’s all up to you to treat your employment as a career instead of a job. No one can make that decision for you. Are you willing to have an enjoyable, rewarding career instead of a job?

By the way, did you know what the acronym JOB stands for? It stands for Just Over Broke. Yes, that is how you will be if you continue to view your employment as a job.

Here are several things you can do to treat your work as a career instead of a job:

1. Wake up excited to go to work
2. Arrive before starting time
3. Increase your productivity by:
a. Decreasing time spent complaining
b. Doing the work you’re supposed to do
c. Turning off your phone during the day
d. Delegating so others can learn
e. Teaching others
4. Tell your boss about your change of heart
5. Ask your boss for improvement tips
6. Take an interest in your company’s growth and profitability
7. Come up with ideas to make the job better
8. Work until closing time (or past it) and then leave instead of leaving at closing time
9. Motivate others
10. Have fun!

Once you decide to turn your job into a career, all the things you used to complain about will disappear. You’ll get the raises. You’ll get promoted. You’ll enjoy your job.

Doesn’t a career sound so much better than a job?

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