If you want to be happy and enjoy success (whatever success means to you), a great way to achieve it is to learn from others. I’ve spent several years learning my craft of public accounting but there‘s so much more than just the technical aspects of my job.

To enjoy the success I’ve had and plan on continuing to have, I recognized long ago about the importance of continual learning. 

Corporate Success

Below are some of the best teachers I know on finding work you love, getting promoted or, if you’re at that point, even leaving your job.

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Smart Exit Blueprint

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  Smart Exit Blueprint


What you look like and what you wear matter. It can make the difference between making a bad first impression and making a great first impression. Don’t be slacker when it comes to your appearance. It should matter more about what’s on the inside, i.e., intelligence, work ethic, etc., but what’s on the outside counts more in the beginning. Below are some of my go-to resources for looking good:


I used to believe that wearing good shoes didn’t matter. I’d spend anywhere between $65 and $125 twice a year to buy a pair of what I thought were nice shoes. Regardless, though, I had to buy new shoes twice a year. They just wore out quickly.

Then a friend introduced me to Allen Edmonds shoes. They are easily three times the cost of the other shoes I bought so I was scared away at first. I bit the bullet one year and I haven’t looked back. I now own three pairs of Allen Edmonds shoes and I will never buy another brand of dress shoe again.

My oldest pair of Allen Edmonds shoes is now more than five years old. Besides being an American company with most of the shoes being made in the United States, they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.

There is no need to break in a pair of Allen Edmonds shoes. They will feel perfect as soon as you slide your foot in the first time. You (and your feet) deserve to wear a new pair of Allen Edmonds shoes. Click here to search the many styles. I promise, you will not regret it!        


Like shoes, I used to buy the cheapest dress shirts I could find. Those shirts looked good for one or two wearings but then wore out. Worse, though, was that they didn’t fit.
Tailored shirts are where it’s at. 
There is nothing better than a tailored shirt for someone who can’t find a store-bought shirt that fits your body type. That is my problem. I have a very slim body type so even the slim cut shirts you can buy at the large department stores are way too big for me.
That’s why I started to buy tailored shirts from Tom James. Not only will they make the neck and sleeves to actual size, the torso will fit as well. With a Tom James tailored shirt, there is no need to continually tuck in your shirt throughout the day. It will fit!
These shirts are also longer than normally cut shirts so you don’t risk them coming untucked. What a relief…
Besides fully tailored shirts, I also buy shirts from Charles Tyrwhitt in the United Kingdom. They are not fully tailored but have an Extra Slim Fit cut that fits me well. The neck and sleeves are also cut to order.
The primary difference between a fully tailored shirt from Tom James and Charles Tyrwhitt is that Charles Tyrwhitt shirts are wrinkle free where as Tom James’ shirts are not. 
I iron each of my shirts rather than having a dry cleaner press them so wrinkle free is a big deal for me. Why don’t I dry clean? It’s because dry cleaning is harsh on shirts. In my opinion, it reduces the lifetime of a shirt tremendously. And, I always had to reiron a dry cleaned and pressed shirt because it was never good enough for me.


During my senior year of college, I bought two suits for interviews. Believe it or not, I bought both of these suits at Burlington Coat Factory. 
Those two suits were some of the best suits I’ll ever buy. One suit lasted 10 years and the other I still wear today. They were of amazing quality. For the price, see what you can find.
After those initial two suits, I started buying cheap suits. If I spent $150 on a suit I thought I was splurging. I learned my lesson from that. Those suits were terrible.
Now, I buy only tailored suits from Tom James. A tailored suit is so comfortable to wear and they look great! I love my Tom James suits.
Tailored suits are not inexpensive but they are well worth the investment. I believe tailored suits are investments in your career and not an expense.

General Style Tips

You’re a professional and you know the style standards of your employer and clients. That doesn’t mean, however, you know everything about style. 
When I have style questions, I go to RealMenRealStyle. Antonio Centeno is the owner of RMRS and does a great job providing information that the normal guy can follow. See one of his videos here.
Go here to get his free ebook, 7 Deadly Style Sins, and get notices straight to your inbox for all the new videos he releases. It’s great information!

Facial Care

The beginning of each day is the worst part of the day for me. It’s not because I have to wake up and roll out of a comfortable bed. Instead, it’s because I have to shave. Shaving is brutally painful…and expensive.
My beard is so course that I have traditionally not been able to use a razor for more than one shave — regardless of the quality of the razor. 
That has now changed. 
I now get my razors from DollarShaveClub. I use the 4x razor which gives a very smooth comfortable shave. Use the Shave Butter and you’ll experience the best shave ever! 
Prior to discovering the Shave Butter, I used a shaving cream from an unusual source — Mary Kay. My wife has been a Mary Kay consultant for over a decade and she talked me into trying the shaving cream for men. 
It’s not as thick as your typical store-bought shaving gel but it feels so much better during a shave. This is what I primarily use when I shave. If you want to try some, or order something for your wife, order it here from my wife.


It’s hard to travel for business. You’re away from your family, your normal schedule and your bed. 
The more you travel, the more you discover ways to bring the comfort and normalcy of home into your travel schedule. Below I provide some of the ways I’ve found to reduce the stress of travel.


Do you travel a lot for business, or even for pleasure? If you do, you probably have a favorite hotel brand at which to stay.
For me, you can’t go wrong staying at any Hilton hotel. It also has a great rewards program.
Hilton hotels, regardless of the individual brand name, are consistent and clean. They will also do whatever it takes to make your stay enjoyable. I highly recommend choosing Hilton as your hotel brand of choice.
Check out a list of the different Hilton brands here and book your next trip!


Airport travel can be such a hassle. There is a lot of sitting, standing, hurrying up just to wait. There are delays and cancellations. But, it’s necessary to do business these days.
When I fly, I fly Southwest Airlines. Planes between airlines are typically the same. The people, however, are not. I fly Southwest because of the employees.
Read this article and this article to see why you should fly Southwest too!



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