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Bert Purdy

I’m Bert Purdy, creator of Intentional Employee. If you want to achieve success in your career, this page is for you. It contains the information you need to realize the success you’ve dreamed of, while maintaining your ethics and enjoying your job like never before.

The first step to achieving success is understanding what will make that success happen. Everyone tells you to just work hard but working hard, by itself, will not help you be successful. 

Instead, you need a plan to get there. Start with a personal development plan. Once you’ve put that plan together, then you need to focus on your personal brand

Just like companies have brands, so do successful professionals. They choose what they want others to think of them and then live in a consistent and intentional way so that brand becomes reality. 

Because of my background and my interests, I write about specific topics on this site. The three you will see most are as follows:

  • Loving your job
  • Personal branding
  • Professionalism

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Below is a list of the five most popular articles on the site. People read these almost every day and have shared them extensively on social media. I hope these encourage you as well.

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Contact Me

I’m here for you. Everything written on this site is for you. Please contact me here and let me know what you like, what I can improve, what else you’d like to see.

Thank you so much,

Bert Purdy

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