Speak Up or Stop Complaining

stop complaining
Problems won’t get fixed unless you tell someone about them.

Do you complain about your job? Do you complain about your boss, your co-workers, your commute, your life? What good does complaining do? Have you noticed that when you complain, the situation gets worse?

Adopt a Stop Complaining Policy

As of today, I’m adopting a No Complaining policy. It doesn’t do any good anyway. Complaining simply causes me to spend unwanted time and energy on negative thoughts.  Life is stressful enough without making things worse by complaining.

Ask your co-workers (and your family members) to adopt the No Complaining policy too. It’s a lot easier to not complain if you don’t hear complaining around you.

This is similar to when my wife and I went on a fairly aggressive diet. The diet was ultra-successful (I lost 27 pounds and my wife got back to her high school weight) but it was not easy. If we hadn’t done it together, neither one of us would have been able to succeed.

Identify the Problem

You probably know what the problem is because you’ve been complaining about it. But, are you sure you’re not the problem? In many cases, we need to change ourselves – perceptions and/or actions. If you are sure you are not the problem (I will address that issue in a later post), identify specifics about the problem. You can’t make changes unless you know the actual source of the problem.

When you are identifying the problem, be careful to get to the root cause. For example, if a co-worker bothers you all day because he uses his speaker phone rather than the earpiece, don’t just say that your co-worker is the problem. Maybe the earpiece on the phone is faulty and he has to use the speaker.

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Think of a Solution

Identifying the problem is only the beginning. If you don’t come up with a solution to the problem, there is no point in identifying it. You’ll probably end up just complaining! Instead of coming up with just one solution, come up with several options. Instead of standing around complaining with your co-worker, ask her advice on what could be done.


Tell Someone in Power

Keeping ideas to yourself will get you nowhere. If you are a good worker, your boss likely looks highly on you. If you have built a solid relationship with that person, share your ideas on how to fix the problems. Nothing shows you care more than by attempting to improve your company.

Go a step above telling someone about the problem and the potential solution. Impress the boss and volunteer to serve on a committee or a task force to come up with formal suggestions to give to the person who will make the decisions.

Watch the Changes Happen

You will be surprised by how easy it is to get something changed. Of course, some things are bigger and take longer but many small changes can be made quickly.

Some Won’t Happen

But, don’t be surprised when some of your suggestions are not put into practice. Unfortunately (maybe it is fortunate?) not everyone thinks like you. Not all of your suggestions will be taken.  Some of your suggestions will be taken but changed. Accept those decisions for what they are and move on.

You Made a Difference

Yes, you did it! You made the difference and you are the hero!

Leave a comment below and tell me what changes you have implemented.  Did you follow different steps?  Share your knowledge!

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