The Number 1 Reason Professionals Should Be More Active on LinkedIn

The Number 1 Reason Why Professionals Should Be More Active on LinkedIn

At its inception, LinkedIn was viewed as an online resume. Those looking for jobs or looking to hire would complete profiles and then wait. However, that specific use of LinkedIn has evolved into something much greater.

LinkedIn can be (and should be) a tremendous asset to professionals seeking to grow a business, connect with influencers and discover talent. 

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I used LinkedIn every day. Yes, I’m on it every day. 

You may believe you need to be on LinkedIn for hours every day to reap the benefits it offers. That’s not even true. You can spend only 15 minutes a day to see significant results.

But the question is still, “Why should professionals be more active on LinkedIn?” What are the real reasons you should do more than just have a profile?

To answer this question, I asked one of the best resources I could, Kevin Knebl. Kevin is an international speaker, author and trainer. He teaches professionals like you and me how to use LinkedIn, and other social media sites, to increase sales by building relationships.

Since he’s the expert, here is how he answered this question: 

The Top 10 Resources to Become a Successful Professional
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Why should professionals be more active on LinkedIn?

Professionals should invest 15 minutes per day on LinkedIn. The reason why is simple – because true professionals have always understood that they’re in the relationship business.

You can be technically proficient off the charts in your chosen profession, but in a more and more interconnected, over-caffeinated, hyper-competitive, Mach Five with your receding hairline on fire, Crackberry Blackberry world, you never know where your next lead, client, job, referral, networking partner, strategic alliance, spouse, etc. is going to come from.

If you think your technical proficiency is your security, think again. There’s this new thing called the Internet, it’s gonna be big. Thanks, Al Gore. Information is a commodity now. It’s a Google search away. Now, more than ever before true professionals know that their ability to create, nurture and deepen their network has a direct correlation to their net worth. Ironically, this has always been true. It’s just so glaringly obvious now.

By investing 15 minutes per day on LinkedIn using simple, strategic routines to expand your network while staying top of mind in ways that aren’t intrusive, slick or salesy, you exponentially increase the likelihood that you’ll have a long and successful career.

LinkedIn isn’t just for job seekers. LinkedIn is for networking and relationship building. And that’s what always leads to your success. Only every time.

Kevin, through his witty way, just told you the primary reason you, as a professional, should be more active on LinkedIn – to build relationships. Relationships make the world go round. They are what matter in business.

People do business with people they know, like and trust. They do business with people with whom they have relationships. Deep and trusting relationships trump low price. These kinds of relationships result in loyalty…and what professional doesn’t want that?

If you want to build relationships through LinkedIn, contact Kevin at or me through the contact page. We would both be more than happy to help you connect with influencers, enhance relationships and get more clients.  

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